It’s a Small World: Nancarrows in Alaska – Part I

Never in my life have I run into another person with the last name of Nancarrow. Nor has anyone ever asked if I was related to “So-and-so Nancarrow”. I have a pretty unique last name, coming from Cornwall and meaning “valley of the deer. Yet, during both of my summers here in Alaska I have actually had people recognize my last name and tell me about other Nancarrows that are out here on the Final Frontier as well.

The first time someone recognized my last name was last year while I was working at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. I was at the Visitor Center at Kennecott and had interacted with some visitors that were from the Denali area of Alaska. They asked me if I was related to anyone from there and explained that there was a quilt maker there with the same last name. Needless to say I was very surprised that someone had recognized even my last name, and more surprised that they were so close; only about 200 miles away (in Alaska that isn’t very far)! This was pretty cool, but soon it went to the back of my mind as I left my Alaskan summer home and came back to Indiana to finish up my senior year of college.


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