It’s a Small World: Nancarrows in Alaska – Part III

Over the next few weeks I was asked by a few of my coworkers if I was related to Willie, and it made me think about whether or not there was a possibility that I was. Another coworker who is from Alaska asked me if I was related to anyone around Denali because she had heard a lot about a Nancarrow family around there that frequently has get-together’s and is a fun family. A few weeks later we opened the Visitor Center and I noticed on the campground reservation sheet that someone was from Denali. They came into the VC to ask a few questions and look around, and soon one of them asked me if I was related to anyone in Denali, to which I answered “No” once again. She then told me that she is a neighbor with a Nancarrow, and I told her the story of how I had heard of a quilter with the same last name in that area. Well guess who her neighbor is? That’s right, the same Nancarrow that does the quilting. I then told her the story of the first ranger here. Recently there was even a visitor that noticed my last name, and said that they knew some Nancarrow’s living in California.

From all of the information I have gathered I believe that this quilter is more than likely a descendent of Willie, being that they are both from the same area. The only question now is, am I related to them? When discussing this with my Grandfather recently, he noted that his Grandfather said some of his relatives had moved to areas of Oregon and Washington state around the turn of the century. So maybe they eventually made their way up to Alaska. I will have to do some research and find out if this is a possibility. Either way one thing is clear; it certainly is a small world.


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  1. Art · July 15, 2015

    This is so incredible Alex, definitely worth the research


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