The Road to Alaska

A few photos from my 3,841 mile trip to Denali! Stay tuned for a few photos from my camera.


My Cabin

I’m sure some of you have been wondering what the accommodations are like here in Denali. Most of the seasonals like myself live in “C-Camp”, which is where the 200 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers lived during the summers of 1938 and 1939 to build some of the original infrastructure for what was then Mount McKinley National Park. In recent years the local high school shop class has worked with the park to build 2 new cabins each year to replace the old ones. Each cabin is a little different as they took into account suggestions from the residents. Every cabin has 2 single rooms, a full kitchen, a common area, and there is a bath house and recreation hall in the middle of C-Camp for all to use.

American Plover

While helping with a bird survey I got to see an American Plover. This bird began acting erratically as we were hiking, and we realized we were near its nest! After making an alarm call at us while guarding the nest, it finally decided to try to lead us away while acting like its wing was injured. We carefully walked through the area to make sure we didn’t step on any eggs. After finding the nest, which blended in very well with its surroundings, we left the area.